Ferocity Dance Company: Learn a New Skill in 2022

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New year, new you! If that’s the mantra you have going into 2022, you’re going to need Ferocity Dance Company on your radar. The local business boasts a slate of online and in-person dance classes that cater to the novice dancer. So all you need to do is sign up to be well on your way to a brand new hobby.

The in-studio classes are partner classes, so you’re encouraged to sign up with someone you’re comfortable getting close to (and note that walk-ins aren’t allowed). Although the three-week courses rotate subject matter regularly, you might see options like Beginner Sensual Bachata on the schedule. If you prefer to start two-stepping in the comfort of your own living room, purchase an online course instead. These pre-recorded classes and intensive workshops are designed to take at your own pace, with or without a dance partner. So simply set aside a little bit of time each week (or an entire Saturday) to learn a new dance routine from Ferocity Dance Company! Online classes start at $30.

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