Halal Hunan Village: Your New Go-To Spot for Chinese Food Near Roosevelt Towers

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“This place made me like Chinese food again.” It’s a simple statement, but a powerful one relayed by a very happy customer of Halal Hunan Village. The new restaurant really gets it right when it comes to not only Chinese cuisine, but also other types of select international cuisines.

Case in point? The General Tso’s chicken. It’s a fiery classic that patrons say Halal Hunan Village’s chef knocks out of the park. The same is true of the crispy beef and the egg drop soup. However, customers are just as excited about the non-Chinese portion of the menu, which includes halal offerings such as kabobs. Order a skewer of boneless lamb, chicken, or beef marinated in a house-made blend of herbs and spices, then char-grilled over open flames. It comes with tender rice, chickpeas, and salad on the side. Craving American comfort food? Halal Hunan

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