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Grab a Bouquet at Geno’s Flowers - Roosevelt Towers Blog

Grab a Bouquet at Geno’s Flowers

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Geno’s Flowers has a reputation for going above and beyond for its customers. Time and time again, owner Geno receives rave reviews from someone blown away by his attention to detail, especially when he creates a fully customized arrangement for a special occasion. But even the signature bouquets wow patrons due to the quality of the blooms and the care with which they’re arranged.

If you’re looking for a special gift, consider letting Geno create it. He’s adept at designing one-of-a-kind bouquets, but he can also quickly put together a signature bouquet if you see something you like on the website. The Guilty Pleasure is a solid go-to if you want to go with something classic. It consists of stunning red roses with small white blooms and greenery in between. Looking for more of a show stopper? The Ardent Expressions incorporates a few red roses but also brings the wow factor with a Stargazer lily and looped greens. Some of the arrangements are totally forgo roses—the Amore Unico will impress your paramour with a stunning array of orchids spruced up with delicate ferns and other forms of greenery.

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