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Snag Unusual Seasonings for Your Favorite Home Chef at Penzeys - Roosevelt Towers Blog

Snag Unusual Seasonings for Your Favorite Home Chef at Penzeys

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“When you’ve got a recipe with that one weird ingredient you can’t find at Shoppers, this is the place to get it.” That’s how one fan describes the impressive selection at Penzeys Spices. The local outpost of this family-owned business is stocked with freshly ground spices that are much higher quality than anything you’ll find at the grocery store.

If you know someone who loves to cook, consider putting together a care package of spices to gift them this year. It should definitely include popular spice blends like the Tsar Dust Memories, a “Russian-style seasoning.” It’s a mix of sweet, savory, and warm spices, including salt and garlic, cinnamon and marjoram, and pepper and nutmeg. The unexpected combination of flavors will instantly enhance a slow cooker stew or a simple meat dish. Is your significant other trying to watch their salt intake? Let them know you care by rounding up a few salt-free seasonings, such as the Sunny Paris. Shallots, chives, pepper, and other herbs bring the complex flavors without any sodium. Penzeys Spices also has traditional single spices and herbs if you’re looking for something specific as opposed to a blend.

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