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Do Brunch Any Day of the Week at Cafe Kindred - Roosevelt Towers Blog

Do Brunch Any Day of the Week at Cafe Kindred

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Why wait until Saturday morning for brunch when Cafe Kindred serves it up every day? Come and grab a table any morning of the week to dig into the chef’s specialties, from the avocado toast topped with roasted cherry tomatoes and a pair of eggs to the CK Original Brunch Poutine, a pile of fries loaded with sausage gravy, mozzarella cheese, and a sunny side up egg.

In fact, the poutine menu contains four different varieties of the Canadian classic. The curry poutine puts an Indian twist on the dish with curry sauce in place of the gravy and Swiss instead of mozzarella, whereas the Chili Lover’s Poutine showcases a bed of tater tots topped with beef and bean chili, cheddar, and an egg. For another breakfast-y take on poutine, try the Baked Potato Poutine with fried breakfast potatoes plus ranch sour cream, crumbled bacon, cherry tomatoes, and cheese. If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, dig into a stack of Fruity Pebble pancakes, savor a thick slice of brioche French toast dusted with cinnamon, or enjoy a Greek yogurt parfait layered with house-made granola and blueberry compote.

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